Code Compare allows you to easily view changes between two codes by highlighting the differences side by side. 

You can compare codes across jurisdictions (states or cities) or different versions of the same code. This feature is available to all UpCodes Premium users. 

How it works

Code Compare is launched from within the viewer. You will compare another code against the currently active code. Here is a short overview:

  1. Select a publication tile and enter any chapter.  

  2. On the right hand side of the viewer, click Tool Palette, then open Code Compare.

  3. Use the ‘To’ field to select the jurisdiction (state or city) and year of the code you want to compare. If you want to compare different code editions, select the same jurisdiction in the ‘To’ field as your current jurisdiction.

  4. Use the toggle in the right corner to run Code Compare if it didn’t do so automatically.

Reading the results

Code text unique to a given jurisdiction is highlighted in its designated color. 

  • Blue highlights on the left hand side are unique to your original code. 

  • Orange highlights are unique to the code you’re comparing it to. 

Often code sections are relocated to other areas of the code book. When this happens, we tell you which section to compare to. You can also click Show to view the new section side-by-side. 

If you have any questions or would like to see additional functionality, let us know!

Code coverage

We cover all building codes since 2012 available on UpCodes.