About Bookmarks

Bookmarks allow you to save and quickly access important sections of code. Bookmarks can either be personal or project-specific. 

Personal Bookmarks vs. Project-specific Bookmarks

A personal bookmark allows you to save sections of code you find to be important for all projects in general. Personal bookmarks only exist in the set of code books under “Personal Bookmarks”. These personal bookmarks will only be visible to you. A project-specific bookmark will only exist in the project under which it was created. Project bookmarks are available for all project collaborators.

Creating a Bookmark

  1. Select the name of your project (or “Personal Bookmarks”) from the projects drop-down list.

  1. Find the code section you would like to bookmark and select the bookmark icon.

You will know that your bookmark has saved if the bookmark icon becomes shaded in. To remove the bookmark for this code section, click the bookmark icon again. 

Viewing Bookmarks in a Project

  1. Select the name of your project from the projects drop-down list. Select any available jurisdiction.

  1. Scroll-down to find the Bookmarks Tool on the lower right hand side of the page. All bookmarks created under the current project will appear here.

Exporting Bookmarks

1. Go to the Projects page.

2. Select the icon that shows options icon for your desired project. From the drop-down list, select "Export" to export the bookmarks file as a PDF. 

FAQ: Will comments appear when I export bookmarks?

Yes, comments will appear with their associated sections in the export.

About Comments

A comment is a personal note you can write on any individual code. Comments can be seen by all collaborators assigned to that project. Comments allow you to capture and share institutional knowledge within your team and your company.

Adding a Comment

    1. Find the code section you would like to add a comment to. Select the comment icon.

    2. Type your comment. Do not forget to post it or your comment will not save.

Mentioning a Collaborator

To mention a collaborator on a comment, use the "@" symbol and type their name. As you type, a drop-down list of all members that are current collaborators on the current project should be shown. Mentioning someone in a comment will send them an email notifying them of the comment. If someone is not able to be mentioned, make sure you have added them as a collaborator to the current project you are in. You can only mention people who are assigned to a project.

Removing a Comment

To remove a comment, select the options icon on the comment you would like to remove.

FAQ: Does adding a comment automatically bookmark the selected code section?

Yes, and sections will remain bookmarked while there is an associated comment.

Exporting Comments

Follow the same steps to exporting bookmarks. Exporting bookmarks will also export the comments along with them.