Below are a few of the basics on using UpCodes.  Want more help?  See the full Getting Started series of articles.

Viewing Codes


Selecting a Jurisdiction

Select Codes in the upper-right corner or on the right-hand side of your screen to go to the Jurisdiction Codes page. 

Select the jurisdiction from the index on the left-hand side. Once the jurisdiction is selected, the year, code type or publisher can be filtered to make the search easier. Or utilize the search bar to assist with locating a specific code.

Switching Jurisdictions

You can easily switch between Jurisdictions on the left-side of the Jurisdiction Codes page. Users can select between all available cities and states. Jurisdictions that are not currently supported will have faded text.

Switching Code Years

After selecting your desired jurisdiction, select the “Code Year” drop-down list to show all supported code years. Select your desired publication year to see the code books below change.

Switching Code Books

If you are currently viewing a code book, select the back arrow next to “Codes” on the left panel of the page. Alternatively, return to the Jurisdiction Codes page and select your desired jurisdiction again. Then, select your desired code book.

Navigating Within a Code Book

The table of contents for code books is shown on the left-side of the page after selecting your desired code book. An arrow next to the chapter or section header in the table of contents indicates that there are more hidden subsections within that chapter or section. Clicking this arrow expands the table of contents to show more specific code sections. Select any code section on the table of contents to be instantly brought to it.

Dismissing the Side Bar to Maximize Code Book Screen Usage

You can minimize the sidebars to allow the code book to take up more of the screen. Minimized panels can be restored by clicking on their controls while minimized.

Interacting with Code


UpCodes allows you to easily access the definitions of words in every code section. Hover your mouse over a defined word and the definition will appear. Alternatively, click on a defined word in your code section to take you directly to its definition.


Copy/Paste Code Section Link

Mouse over any code section and click the Copy icon on any desired code section to copy a URL to your computer's clipboard. This URL can be pasted and sent to clients or collaborators.

Copy/Paste Code

Highlight any words or sentences you would like to copy. Right-click and copy or use control-c to copy the text to your computer’s clipboard.

Print Codes

Mouse over any code section and click the print icon on the desired section to download that section and all child sections as a PDF. This feature can save you time making screenshots or summarizing code when communicating with other team members or clients.


You can search keywords or filter the code book for desired sections. You can search keywords for all code books by using the search bar in the upper middle of the Jurisdiction Codes page or using the search feature in the left side-bar. Using the search bar while within a code book will initially search through just that code book. Search results can be filtered by code books and additional resources, or changed to target a different jurisdiction or code year. 

Subscription Management

For information about changing or cancelling a subscription, resetting a password, adding project collaborators, and other account management questions, please see the detailed Subscription Management section.