UpCodes provides several tools to help save time reading and understanding the codes.  

Code Compare

With Code Compare, you can quickly compare sections of code between different code years and/or jurisdictions to help understand how requirements vary.  This feature is currently only available for building codes, in a limited number of code years and jurisdictions.

Code Compare can be turned on from the upper left section on the index. The code book you are currently looking at will automatically appear under the “Compare:” section. You must select the other jurisdiction and year in the “To:” section. 

Code compare automatically highlights the differences in the code. Unique features of your original code book (left-side) will appear in blue, while unique parts of the new jurisdiction (right-side) for comparison will be in yellow. 

Please note that due to formatting differences between code books, Code Compare may occasionally show highlights where the wording is the same across the two code books.

Amendment Styling

You can change how amendments from the base code are displayed on the screen. In the Amendment Style panel in the "settings" section, you can toggle between not showing amendment text formatted differently, showing amendment text (default), and only showing sections that have been amended. Regardless of this setting, amended sections will still display the “Amendment” badge at the top-right of the section.


You can search keywords or filter the code book for desired sections. You can search keywords for all code books by using the search bar in the upper middle of the Jurisdiction Codes page. Using the search bar while within a code book will initially search through just that code book. 

Search results can be filtered by code books and additional resources or changed to target a different jurisdiction or code year.