UpCodes Projects

What are Projects?

Projects assign you dedicated space for code research and calculations within your project’s jurisdiction. Creating separate projects allows you to transition between sets of project-specific bookmarks, comments, and code requirement calculations.

Creating a New Project

1. Navigate to the Projects tab

2. Select new project

3. Enter the project name, select jurisdiction, code year, and select create project.

Switching Between Projects

Each project has stored bookmarks and comments. Working under the correct project allows you to ensure your bookmarks and comments are saved in the proper place. The bookmarks and comments for your currently selected project are shown in the Tool Palette or under Code Research Modules. Switching projects also changes which information is displayed in your Code Sheet (see below).

Select the projects drop-down menu and select the project you would like to switch to.

Identifying the Current Project

Look at the Projects drop-down menu to find the current project. Alternatively, you can select the Projects drop-down menu and see the check mark next to the current project.

Managing Existing Projects

See below for steps on how to remove, duplicate, export or add collaborators to a project.

1. Navigate to the Projects tab

2. Locate the project and select the three dots

3. Select from the options listed on how you would like to manage the account


Bookmarks allow you to save and quickly access important sections of code. Bookmarks can be personal, project-specific, or a thematic grouping of code sections. A comment is a personal note you can write on any individual code. Comments can be seen by all collaborators assigned to that project (but are never publicly viewable.). Comments allow you to capture and share decisions and institutional knowledge within your team and your company.  Bookmarks and comments may be exported to PDF for use outside of UpCodes.

Creating Bookmarks

To add a comment, hover over a section and click the bookmark icon.  You know that your bookmark is saved when the bookmark icon becomes shaded in. To remove the bookmark for this code section, click the bookmark icon again.  Bookmarks are also automatically created when a comment is made on a section. 

Bookmarks are associated with the active project - bookmarks created without an active project are saved under the Personal Bookmarks project.

Adding Comments

1. Find the code section you would like to add a comment to and select the comment icon. 

2. Type your comment and click post

For more information about Bookmarks and Comments, see the Bookmarks and Comments article.

Code Calculators

You can automatically calculate code requirements based on inputted project specifications with UpCodes Code Calculators. This can be particularly helpful for iterating during early-stage design of the building.  After inputting building data, the calculators determine requirements regarding building height, area, egress, fire resistance ratings, and plumbing fixtures. All calculated requirements are organized into an exportable code sheet. 

To start working with Code Calculators, click on " Inputs" and select from the options listed.

Please note that this feature is not available in all jurisdictions or code book years.