Using the Construction Type Guide

UpCodes provides multiple tools for assessing proper types of construction. One tool is the Construction Type Guide, found in the Project Input page of the code calculators. This guide will allow you to quickly try a number of different options in regards to sprinkler types and occupancy groups and areas to see which types of construction would be candidates for the building in question. If a more detailed analysis is needed, the building composition of single or mixed occupancy, single or multi-story buildings can be provided in the project input, and the Guide will show the various types of construction that may be allowed for that particular building type.

To determine what construction type you have, you can follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to your projects and click on the project you'd like to work on.

2. Click on Project Inputs on the left side panel.

3. Under Project Inputs, click Heights and Areas and scroll down to view the General Building Information section. 

4. Click the first dropdown menu under the Basic Life Safety section. You'll see various building type options. Launch the Construction Type Guide if you need help determining your construction type.

When the type of construction of the building is used in the building code, the reference is to one of five categories of construction, based on the relative fire safety of each type. Currently, the classifications of construction types are ranked on the combustibility of the entire assembly, versus the fire-resistivity of the basic materials.

Note that each type is not specific to a specific material. In actuality, concrete and steel may be used in any of the types of construction, but the use of wood is severely limited in construction types I and II.

To learn more about the different types of construction, read our article here.