What's the difference between Team and Individual Plans?

An individual plan only allows for a single user account to be associated with the subscription, whereas the team plan allows you to add and manage multiple user accounts.  Each user account has its own login, settings, and saved data.  Access to code research projects may be shared across user accounts within UpCodes.

What is a floating license?

Note:  As of July 2020, floating licenses are no longer available for new organizations. At some point, we will be asking organizations to move to the new plan types.

Floating licenses within the team plan allow content access to be affordably shared among multiple users.  Each user may have their own account log-in, settings, and data, with concurrent access limited by the number of floating licenses.  Currently, most floating license accounts allow for up to five user accounts.  For example, a team of ten users could be supported by two floating licenses, with up to two team members being able to access the system concurrently.

What is an active user?

Note:  This topic applies only to floating license Team plans.

An active user is defined as a logged-in individual currently browsing or using the site. Users automatically relinquish the floating license after they close all UpCodes tabs or after a period of 20 minutes of inactivity. This allows for others to access the license. Users do not need to manually log out. If no licenses are available, the user will not be able to access Premium features.

How can I add or remove users on a Team plan?

User accounts on floating licenses may be added or removed at any time from the User page.

For detailed instructions, see the Team User Account Management guide.

What counts as a user being logged out?

Closing all UpCodes browser tabs will log the user out from their license. Additionally, users inactive for more than 20 minutes will not count as active.

Why am I being logged out?

Users may only log into one desktop and one mobile device. Any additional logins will result in the first device being automatically logged out. Sharing account credentials with other people is not permitted.