The manual process of code research can be unreliable, inefficient, and frustrating.

That’s why we built Code Calculators, a new tool in UpCodes that streamlines the code compliance process. This tool can be used during the initial phases of the project and act as a living document to keep you organized throughout the project.

Code Calculators allow you to view code requirements relevant to your specific project. Once you enter basic project inputs (such as construction type, occupancies, and sprinkler systems), Code Calculators automatically generate a detailed list of requirements.

How It Works

As you add more information to the project inputs, we start analyzing your code requirements and doing automatic calculations (e.g. allowable areas and fire-resistance ratings).

1. On the Project page, create a new project and choose a jurisdiction/year.

2. From the Project Home screen click on Project Inputs.

3. Enter as much or little information here as you like. Afterwards, click the See Results button or Code Requirements tab.

4. The Code Requirements tab provides a high-level overview. To see a detailed breakdown of a particular module (e.g. Building Area), click See Calculation.

5. Navigate to the Code Text tab to view the full code book including prioritized code sections.

Optimizing Your Workflow

We suggest you use these project inputs as a living document, modifying inputs to rapidly iterate through options. You can instantly view downstream impacts of toggling a design decision.


Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, code calculators are not a replacement for formal code analysis. Users should confirm tool output with their own analysis and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction before proceeding.

Additionally, calculations may not reflect the full set of amendments in the project's jurisdiction.  Where this is the case, a notification will be shown as follows.

Code calculators are not yet available in all jurisdictions and code years and the set of available calculators may vary.

Looking Ahead

The Code Calculators are exciting first steps in our journey to automate the code research process. We’d love to hear how these tools fit into your current workflows, and what else we can build to improve code compliance. Send us your feedback or ping us on Twitter @UpCodes. We’re excited to hear what you think!