Modules / Calculators

Code calculators are divided into modules each of which requires certain inputs in order to perform calculations.  You may analyze modules one at a time, or all together.  However, inputs in one module will be reflected in the others so that is not necessary to re-enter project inputs.

Adding Project Inputs

You must provide information for each module where you want calculations performed.   Inputs are saved to the project and shared across all of the calculators.

Selecting an Analysis 

You can either complete all code modules, or select a single module from the jurisdiction page or from the side bar on the Project Inputs tab.

Completing Inputs

After selecting desired module, fill out each question.  All questions shown for a given module are required.  The screenshot below shows an example of how to fill out the Building Composition section of the Building Data module. 

Once you have completed a section, a green check mark will appear next to that section in the Code Research Module panel.

Moving Between Modules

If you would like to switch modules at any time, select the module you would like to go to from the table of contents on the left side panel.