Calculator Results

On the Code Sheet page, all modules are shown on a single page. You can scroll between sections to see the results or use the modules in the table contents to jump between them.

Seeing Calculation Details

To understand how a calculation was performed for each module, select the See Calculation button next to the module you would like to understand. To see code sections relevant to the calculator, use the View Related Code Section button. You can also export individual calculations. 

Reviewing and Exporting Results

The results of the calculations are easily exported into a Code Sheet that can be downloaded as an Excel or PDF file. To see your completed code sheet, use the Download Code Sheet button on the Code Sheet tab. 

Saving Multiple Versions of Inputs/Outputs

While it's not currently possible to have multiple sets of inputs, it is possible to duplicate projects and then modify the inputs. Projects can be duplicated from the menu to the right of the project name on the Project page.