Admin Accounts

There are two types of Admin accounts: Admins and Non-User Admins.

An Admin account is designed for viewing the account's usage time, activity, and subscription details. The admin will also take up a license and have access to the premium features.

A Non-User Admin will have the same administrative access but won't take up a license. Non-User Admins will not be able to access the premium features.

Admins won't be able to access the Billing page. Only Account Owners will be able to access Billing. If you'd like a specific user to receive invoices, please contact

How To Make a User an Admin

1. Select the Users page by clicking this link or using the drop-down icon on your account name in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 

2. On the User page, you can see the subscription details. This includes how many users the account has, the total usage time across all users, and the number of sessions.

3. To make a user an Admin or Non-Admin User, invite them, then select the options icon next to the user.

4. Select Make admin... or Make Non-user Admin...

How To Remove a User's Admin Status 

1. Select the options icon next to the user. 

2. Click Take Away Admin.