See below for steps on how to create, view, and manage shared projects

How to Create a New Shared Team Project

You can create a new shared team project on the Team Projects page. When creating a new project, click the Visible to your team option. This will ensure your entire organization can see the project.

How to View Shared Team Projects

You can view all shared team projects on the Team Projects page.

You can also see team projects in the My Projects tab. Projects that are visible to your team will include a collaborator icon.

How to Convert Projects into Team Projects 

If you'd like to make an existing project visible to your entire team, you can navigate to the project's Settings and click the Visible to your team option under Permissions.

How to Lock a Team Project 

In the Project Settings, you also have the ability to lock the project. Locking the project will prevent team members from editing the project.
When a project is locked, you'll see a lock icon next to the project on the Project Page.


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