User Home Page

Our newly designed user home page offers easy access to projects and jurisdictions. The home page provides quick and easy access to recently viewed jurisdictions and projects.

UpCodes Projects

What are Projects?

Projects assign you dedicated space for code research and calculations within your project’s jurisdiction. Creating separate projects allows you to transition between project-specific bookmarks, comments, and code requirement calculations.

We offer more information on how to utilize the project functionality here.

Locate Projects

You can locate your recent projects on the home screen under the Projects section. To view all projects, you would select All Projects on the Right side of your screen, which will bring you to the Projects Page.

Locate Project Examples

You can quickly find project examples via the home page in the Projects section.

Create New Projects

To create a new project, select the New Project icon in the Projects section on the home page.

This will populate a small window to add the name of the project, jurisdiction, code year, and if it should be visible to your team. Once this information has been added, you can select Create Project.


Select Jurisdiction

Select All Jurisdiction on the right side of your screen to get to the jurisdiction codes page. Select the State/City you desire.

Or you can select from your recently searched jurisdiction on the home page. This includes easy access to recently searched codes for the jurisdiction, diagrams, code calculators, bookmarks, chapters, and comments.


On the right-hand side of the screen, there is a section for notifications. You'll be notified of upcoming learning opportunities, major code updates, jurisdiction updates, and new diagrams added to the platform. You will also be notified when a project collaborator tags you in a comment on a code section.