Roles determine what people can see and do in UpCodes. There are administrative roles that are designed for people responsible for managing accounts and settings in UpCodes. Non-administrative roles let people work in UpCodes and access key features. 

For administrative and product permissions, the account owners can have any of the admin roles described below and are the only ones allowed to cancel the subscription despite the role that they may have within the product.

Below we offer a brief overview of the different roles in UpCodes:

  • Admin

  • Admin only

  • Member

The table below describes the current roles in UpCodes and the level of permissions per plan.

Available by default

- Doesn’t apply

           ❌Not available


Member (Current user non-admin)

Admin only (Administrative role only)

UpCodes - Product permissions

Online Code Library & Search

Code library

Star jurisdictions

Advanced search

View diagrams & Assemblies

Code compare

Amendment styling

Projects & Bookmarks

Create projects

Update project details

Remove projects

Archive projects


View public projects

Bookmark code sections




Edit/add calculator inputs

Download code sheet

Copilot (Only available for users with the Professional plan)

Ask questions

Rate answers and give feedback

Administrative permissions for Essentials and Professional plans:

Only the account owner can modify the subscription by changing the billing frequency or increasing/reducing the number of seats.

Account owner/ 


Member (Current user non-admin)

Admin only (Administrative role only)

Administrative permissions

Billing and invoicing

Update payment method

Increase subscription size (add new seats) 

Download invoices

Modify the plan (upgrade, downgrade or change billing frequency)

User management

Add users to the account

Enable self-registration

Update user role

SAML Single sign-on configuration