User Roles

User roles determine what people can see and do on UpCodes. There are 2 primary user roles on UpCodes: Admin and Member. 

  • Admin

Admins occupy a seat in a subscription, can access administrative tools along with other subscription tools and features*. There can be multiple admins within an account. This role is suited for AEC professionals who plan to use UpCodes and also manage users within the subscription.

Admins can modify roles of other team members at any time.

*Admins using a Free plan have access to a few subscription tools and features, but will not occupy a seat in the subscription. This replaces the previously-available ‘Admin-only’ role type.

See the Free plan description and the Product Access and Administrative Permissions charts below for more information.

  • Member

Members occupy a seat in a subscription and can access all subscription tools and features. Another admin can promote a member to become an admin.

Other Terminology

  • Account owner

Subscriptions are registered under the email address of the account owner*, who is automatically an admin. The account owner has special access to billing and invoicing tools. Each account can only have one owner. Account owners can be under a Free plan to not occupy a seat in the subscription.

*Account ownership transfer requests have to be sent from the account owner’s email address to, or to your Customer Success Manager. If you do not have access to the original account owner’s email address, please contact us and we will help transfer ownership.

  • Free plan *NEW*

UpCodes now offers a plan type with no subscription fees. To register, simply visit the UpCodes Sign Up page. Additionally, an admin of a team subscription can add a free plan user to their team account or invite anyone to join the team account as a free plan user. Free users do not occupy seats within the team subscription, and can access a limited set of tools and features. See the Team User Account Management for more details. 

An account owner can use a Free plan. This is suitable for anyone who does not need to access subscription tools and features (such as librarians, IT staff, etc.).

Product Access

Here's a table that outlines the access to UpCodes tools and features, depending on your plan type and user role.

Product Tools and Features Access

Plan Type




License Usage

Occupies a seat

Online Code Library & Search

Code library

Star jurisdictions


Only Products

Diagrams & Assemblies

Code compare

Amendment styling

Projects & Bookmarks

Create projects

Remove projects

Archive projects

View Team projects

Create Templates

View Templates



Only Products


Code Calculator

Assemblies and Product Libraries

Assembly Library

Products Library & Bookmarks


Ask questions

Upto 3 questions

Upto 3 questions

Bookmark conversations

Comment on bookmarked conversations

View referenced diagrams, illustrations or assemblies

Provide feedback and rate responses


SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

Administrative Permissions

Here's a table that outlines the access to administrative tools and features within a subscription, depending on your plan type and user role.

Administrative Permissions

Account Owner


Billing and Invoicing

Update payment method

Increase subscription size

(add seats to the subscription)

Modify subscription

(upgrade, downgrade, change billing frequency)

Download invoices

View the billing page

User Management

View usage metrics

Add users to the account

Enable self-registration

Update user roles

Invite ‘Free Plan’ users

Manage SSO

UpCodes Professional and UpCodes Enterprise Professional subscriptions only