This feature is only available to users with active UpCodes Essentials, Professional or Enterprise subscriptions.

UpCodes now allows you to view diagrams and illustrations of GA Assemblies and UL-listed assemblies on the platform.

Code-section specific diagrams and illustrations can be accessed within codebooks under related code sections, in the ‘Diagrams’ library accessible via the left toolbar or in the Tool Palette on the right side of the screen.  UpCodes Diagrams are developed by our in-house technical experts, who have extensive experience working in the AEC industry. Click here to see more on UpCodes Diagrams. These diagrams include illustrations of certain GA assemblies.

UL Assemblies are developed by testing agency Underwriters Laboratories and can be viewed on UpCodes.

Navigate through UpCodes illustrations of GA Assemblies

  1. You will find code-section-specific Diagrams while scrolling through codes on UpCodes

  2. If you want to view an entire collection of GA assembly diagrams:

    1. Click Diagrams

    2. Select the dropdown menu under ‘Topic’

    3. Select ‘Sound’

Navigate through the UL Assemblies library

  1. Click ‘Assemblies’ in the left toolbar and view all the assemblies we host on UpCodes. 

  2. Use the available filters to narrow down assemblies based on assembly type.

Use Search or Copilot for Assemblies

     You can now find UL assemblies either using Search or Copliot. Simply type in a description of what you are looking for in the Search bar, or ask Copilot to surface an assembly based on one of the parameters listed below.

By UL Listing

Type in a UL listing and see all the assemblies that comply with the listing requirement

UL 1479

UL 263

By a standard

Type in a testing standard and see all the assemblies that comply with the listing requirement



By a system number

Type in a system number to find the assembly


Design No.S723

Using keywords

Type in keywords (single/multiple separated by commas)

firestopping, drywall


Fireproofing, concrete


2 hr rated, wood stud, drywall

By manufacturer

Type in manufacturer names




By description

Use a descriptive approach

2 hour rated, UL 263, USG, steel