The manual process of code research can be unreliable, inefficient, and frustrating.

The UpCodes Code Calculator streamlines the code calculation process for your project. This tool can be used during the initial phases of the project and act as a living document to keep you organized throughout the project.

The Code Calculator allows you to view code requirements relevant to your project jurisdiction and code year. Once you enter basic information about your projects, the calculator automatically generates a detailed list of compliance checks and code requirements.

It gives you a view into the calculations and allows you to download a summary to share with team members or paste into your architectural drawing sheets.

How It Works

The UpCodes Code Calculator is a project-specific tool that checks design information for compliance with the construction codes of the jurisdiction that the project is located in. The jurisdiction and the code year for a project can be selected when setting up the project, or later, in the Settings page of the project. See Projects for more information.

The Code Calculator is made up of several smaller calculators. See Code Calculator Modules for more information.

You can input as much or as little information as you have under each module before you run a compliance check. The Calculator will highlight information that is missing and that is required in order to run the calculations. If there is insufficient information, you can go back to the inputs page and provide the required data to the calculator before running the calculation again.

After running the calculator, you can view the calculated requirements, organized per the individual modules. Calculations will include footnotes to capture any special design conditions that have been taken into consideration. Non-compliant conditions will be flagged for your review. Detailed calculations can be viewed and downloaded individually, and the entire summary can also be exported as a PDF or an Excel file.


Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, code calculators are not a replacement for a manual review or a human-led code analysis. Users should verify calculations with their own analysis and the local AHJ.

Additionally, calculations may not reflect the full set of amendments in the project's jurisdiction.  Where this is the case, a notification will be shown.

Code calculators are not yet available in all jurisdictions and code years and the set of available calculators may vary. If you are working in a jurisdiction for which we do not have calculators available, please let us know and we’ll look into making it available for you!

Looking ahead

The Code Calculator is a step in our journey to automate the code research process. We’d love to hear how it fits into your current workflows, and what else we can build to improve code compliance. Send us your feedback or ping us on Twitter @UpCodes. We’re excited to hear what you think!