Last updated: May 13, 2024

Admins and Account Owners in team/multi-user subscriptions can manage users within their subscriptions on the Users page on UpCodes. See the article User Roles in UpCodes to learn more about these role types.

Accessing the Users page

When logged in as an Admin or an Account Owner on the account homepage, click on your initials on the top right side of the screen, and then click on Users.

Navigate the Users page

The Users page allows you to add or remove users from your team account, manage assigned plans and role types, and view per-user usage metrics.

On this page, you can::


Invite new users to join your UpCodes account by clicking on Add User


View each user’s name and email address, the plan they’re in, their role type, and their usage metrics.


Resend an invitation to invitees who haven’t yet activated their seats by clicking on Resend


Assign a plan to a user by clicking the drop-down menu under the column Plan and selecting the appropriate plan type.


Assign a user an Admin role, but using the toggle under the column Admin


Remove a user from the account by clicking the three-dot icon and clicking Remove user


View subscription details such as seats used and usage metrics at the top of the screen

Inviting users via email

To add a user to your account, you need to send them an invitation from the Users page. You can invite a single or multiple users at the same time, or create a shareable link that a recipient can click on to join a team account. 

If an invitee has an active UpCodes subscription or is part of another active team subscription, they cannot join your account or subscription.

If all seats in your paid plan are occupied, any additional users added to your account will be assigned a free plan.

When you remove a user from your account, their private projects are moved to the Archived folder under Projects and are accessible to all Admins. Shared projects remain accessible to all other project collaborators.

1. Invite a single user

  1. Click Add user on the Users page

  2. Type in the invitee’s email address

  3. Assign a Plan type to the invitee

  4. Click Add User

  5. An email will be automatically sent to them with a link to activate their account

2. Invite multiple users

  1. Click the Add user button on the Users page

  2. Click on Add multiple seats

  3. Type in the email addresses of the invitees

  4. Assign them a Plan type under Seat

  5. Click Add Users

  6. An email will be automatically sent to each new user with a link to activate their account

Inviting users via a link

You can also create a shareable self-registration link that users can click on to join the account.


Toggle the Self-registration button on the Users page. If you’d like to add more than one domain, click + Add domain


Click Copy invite link to copy the link to your clipboard, which you can then paste into an email, Teams message or a shared internal document to allow invitees to create their accounts. 

Additional notes

  1. If all seats in your paid plan are occupied, any additional users added to your account will be assigned a free plan

  2. Delete an existing link by clicking the trash can icon next to Copy invite link

Inviting users with SSO enabled

Once you have set up SSO for your organization, you can invite users as described above, either via email or by creating a shareable link.

See instructions to enable and setup SSO here